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New Skin Care Products By GPF for Private Lable

Extend your existing Product line with one or several of our innovative and ready to order products. No long test new formulations. Private Lable these products and sell them as your own! 
Products for the following Sales Channels
Direct Marketing, direct sales, personal care shop, drugstore markets, drug stores, specialty retail, online trade, department stores

Smooth Leather Cleaner

Smooth leather cleaning, impregnation and care spray 
just spray on and rub in gently with a soft rag

Main Benefits

Cleans, is nourishing and impregnates all smooth and grained leathers such as:

- Leather clothing and furniture  

- Leather bags and shoes 

The nurturing substances preserve the natural softness. The leather remains smooth and gets a well-groomed and fresh look.


• Always test before use on a concealed spot on compatibility.  

• Aniline-dyed leather first becomes slightly darker, 

• But darkness is immediately corrected. 

• The spray is not a stain remover.

Category: Aerosol, 250-400ml

Delivery Time:

15 - 18 Weeks after confirmed OK to print

Wrinkle Removal Spray

Sometimes, there is no time for the finishing touches, which helps you look great & feel good. FRIKE Wrinkle Remover against wrinkles in your textiles.

Main Benefits

FRIKE Wrinkle Remover Spray is the fastest and easiest way to eliminate wrinkles in clothing. At the same time textiles are springtime-fresh.

• unpleasant smells 

• wrinkling folds 

• Fold after storage 

• Reducing static electricity


Spraying the garment before dressing evenly and sparingly in a distance of 20cm.

Category: Aerosol, 125 ml

Delivery TIme:

15 - 18 Weeks after confirmed OK to print

Toilet Inside Edge Cleaner

Many bath cleaners are sometimes too weak for the removal of lime and urine stains.  Self-acting, fast-acting, economical

Washing Machine Cleaner

Your laundry smells bad - with the portioned washing machine cleaner the spring fragrance comes back. Removes easily odors, lime and deposits 

Main Benefits

Liquid, surfactant containing, antiscale foam cleaner for sanitary facilities.

Thoroughly removes extreme contamination such as lime and urine stone in ceramic WCs. 

Self-acting, fast-acting, economical


• Shake well before use.  

• The product should not reach limestone surfaces (eg marble) 

• Spray the foam directly un-der the toilet edge until it is filled with foam. 

• Leave the foam to act for at least 10 minutes.

• For heavy soiling, prolong the duration of the application accordingly. 

• Subsequently rinse - and rinse again to remove the remains of the foam.
Category: Aerosol, 300-500ml

Delivery TIme:

15 - 18 Weeks after confirmed OK to print

Main Benefits

FRIKE Washing Machine Cleaner portioned in bags 

• Cleans the washing machine from the inside 

• Removes biofilm, dirt, deposits and detergent residues from hard-to-reach parts such as drum, pipes and heating rods 

• Protects and maintains rubber and metal parts 

• Prevents malfunctions 

• Extends the life of the washing machine
 With active oxygen. Easy and safe to use


• Rinse the dispensing chamber. 

• Clean the gasket with a cloth. 

• Provide complete content of the bag into the metering chamber. 

• Start the laundry program 95°C (without laundry!).

Category: Powder, bag 3x40g

Delivery Time:

8 - 12 Weeks after confirmed OK to print

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