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New Skin Care Products By GPF for Private Lable

Extend your existing Product line with one or sevelal of our innovative and ready to order products. No long test new formulations. Private Lable these products and sell them as your own! 
Products for the following Sales Channels
Direct Marketing, direct sales, personal care shop, drugstore markets, drug stores, specialty retail, online trade, department stores

Next Generation SUNprotect Mousse

Extend your line of care with this fascinating new sun foam protect item.
The mousse can be applied easily and evenly
Main Benefits
SUNprotect foam' protects with an SPF of 30 against the negative effects of the sun. UVA filters and vitamin E prevent skin aging while UVB filters protect against sunglasses. Suitable for all skin types as well as for children.

The spray can is hermetically sealed. Leakage and soiling are thus impossible.


Due to its foamy consistency it can be evenly applied. And - the foam is very productive, the product is waterproof and makes you happy with the first
application! Due to the foam, the application is not unplea-ant for children. Leaves no sticky, greasy, but a fresh dry skin feeling.


Aerosol, 75-250ml

Delivery Time
18 - 20 weeks  after confirmed OK to print

Next Generation Dry Shampoo

Great revival of the boom of the 70s and 80

Dry shampoo is just right when you are a bit in a hurry 

Main Benefits
Similar to long straight hair also applies to the hair washing of curly hair:
The rarer the better for your hair. Dry shampoo makes naturally curly hair supple and prevents the curls from getting too tightly knotted together. Dry shampoo makes the hair changeable. Today braid and tomorrow open and smooth? With a dry shampoo, the texture of the hair can be easily restored. The perfect styling replacement is dry shampoos as well because they make the hair more grippy.
1. Shake and apply only ion dry hair
2. Spray on the batches with a distance of approx. 20 centimeters.                      3. Let it work for one to two minutes. 
4. Now the product can be massaged and brushed.
5. The procedure determines how the look works.
Anyone who massages it gets more volume. Who brushes the hair gets more shine. 
Aerosol, 50-200ml
Delivery Time
18 - 20 weeks  after confirmed OK to print

Next Generation Body Foam

Extend your line of care with this new fascinating surfactants free product
The surfactants free foam can be applied easily and evenly, and is immediately absorbed into the skin.

Floral iInfusion Water Spray

Each application tightens the skin and soothes immediately and refreshes the skin.

Main Benefits
The care lotion can be applied much easier by the frothy. 

The really Surfactants free formula creates a creamy, rich foam 

The lotion goes into the skin immediately, so you can get dressed immediately after applying lotion.  

Your skin feels instantly refreshed and revitalized
Less is more! Due to the foamy consistency, it can be applied much more evenly and - the foam is very economical. Useable morning and evening.
Aerosol, 75-250ml
Active Ingrediants
Provides the skin with moisture. The formula can be customized with your essences and ingredients according to your care line.
Delivery Time
15 - 18 weeks  after confirmed OK to print
Main Benefits
The Frike Floral Water Spray cools and soothes the skin with its floral ingredients and pure Swiss water. In the morning it invigorates the skin and provides a pleasant refreshing feeling on hot summer days. During the day, it provides for cooling and provides the skin with the necessary moisture at the same time to help a skin stressed by the urban environment to a healthier appearance.
Active ingredients:
• Jasmine blossoms Distillate 
• Cetraria islandica thallus = island moss  
• Edelweiss Extract
• Sphagnum magellanicum = sphagnum
• Extract of White Lily 
• Polypodium vulgare rhizome =polypody
Results: Each application tightens the skin and immediately soothes and refreshes the skin. The make-up lasts longer.
Spray the Floral Spray Mist from a distance of 15-20 cm away from the skin and allow to dry. 

Aerosol, 100-250ml
Delivery Time
18 - 20 weeks  after confirmed OK to print

Zink Wound Protection Powder

Anti Cellulite Dewdrop Spray

Zinc spray will in future be the new standard, especially suitable  for infants and the elderly.

Frike Anti Cellulite dewdrops spray visibly improves the appearance of orange peel skin.

Main Benefits
The spray is parabene-free The pH value was specially adapted to the needs of children's and seniors' skin (pH value: 7.3).

• No friction in the wound area as with cream
• The spray is onehanded. There is always a hand free.
• Convenient on the road, no cremation residue on your hands!


Wound protection:

Soothes the irritated skin and promotes the decay of redness. Additionally it provides Pprotection against wetness Keeps moisture away from the skin.

Skin protection:

leaves a lasting protective barrier on the skin.


Aerosol, 125 ml

Main Benefits
Frike Anti-Cellulite Dewdrop Spray visibly improves the appearance of orange peel skin. The active substance combination of Indian Forskolin, caffeine and the Essential Cell Boost Factor promotes fat loss, activates microcirculation and improves the strength of the skin layers.

- Crackles actively cools a bit 
- Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite 
- visibly smoothe orange peel skin 
- increases skin tone, skin instantly feels more tightly 
- reactivated tissue oxygenation

to reduce the formation of cellulite


Apply to the problem areas: easily rub it the morning and evening after applying.

Category: Aerosol, 125ml

Delivery Time
15 - 18 weeks  after confirmed OK to print

Delivery TIme

15 - 18 weeks  after confirmed OK to print

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