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Vizionary the Global Network

This could be your opportunity. Let's work together...

Visionary is a world wide operating Network Marketing company dedicated to the global distribution of two unique digital (crypto) currencies called Capricion  and OneGramCoin offering a global mobile payment solution for businesses and merchants.  

  • Your Vizionary potential as a member of the Vizionary movement.
  • Build a business you can be proud of 
  • Give opportunity to those around you 
  • Grow your network of business contacts for a better future 

  • OneGramCoin (OGC) is the world’s first cryptocurrency backed by Gold. 
  • OGC will be listed on future exchanges. 
  • Coin transactions kick-back a percentage for additional gold. 
  • Selling OGC through Vizionary gets you and your team commissions. 

Vizionary Travel is a travel portal initially meant to be exclusively member benefit for Vizionary members that has Gold Package status or has purchased at least an OneGram Medium pack. 

VT is an easy to navigate travel portal that offers hotels and flights to wholesale prices. VT will also offer special limited deals on a regular basis that can only be purchased with Cryptocurrency's. 

Vizionary is a fantasik Business opportunity expecially for business perople. Contact us for more details. Fill out the form on the right:

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OneGram Coin

OneGram Coins are issued and redeemed for gold via the the GoldGuard platform. Following the ICO, the OGCs can be bought, sold and traded via any major cryptocurrency trading platform.launch planned before September 2018.

A new payment gateway, YalaPay, will be launched for OneGram Coins. Besides fiat conversion,YalaPay will include marketing tools such as a white label loyalty program for merchants, featuring special offers, and discounts for customers. The model will be first introduced in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with the payment institution license already in place.

A GoldGuard Mastercard debit card (Liquid Gold) will also be created, which will work across the globe in ATMs, POS systems and online. It will be possible to recharge the Liquid Gold card with Fiat, OGC or Gold through our payment gateway, online or through GoldGuard ATM machines.

By giving customers all the best financial services offered by cryptocurrencies and more, OneGram will make all transactions easy for the users.

OneGram, a Gold backed digital asset

Gold is one of the oldest and most stable assets people around the world have been trading with for centuries. It is one of the six basic Islamic means of trading. Its liquidity is very high. Each OneGram coin is backed by one gram of physical gold, so the OG coins have a floor price, which should not fall below the spot price of gold.

Sharia compliance

OneGram is the first Shari’ah certified asset for trading that follows the old Islamic rules called Shari’ah. OneGram as the first Shari’ah compliant digital asset is inherently regulated by rules imposed on financial operations in the Islamic world, hence no illicit operations are allowed.

Growth with every transaction

OneGram is a kind of community asset, which rewards its members for thei All gold acquired is solely in the name of the client with full legal rights to ownership. r membership via transaction fees. 2,5% of any transaction fee is for growing a backup reserve of OneGram as a digital asset itself. It means that the level of backup grows with every single transaction and makes OneGram more backed. OneGram is more valuable with each transaction making it a strong asset.



We are a team of highly experienced, dedicated and passionate directors; our combined expertise and drive aim to ensure that you get the best possible experience. 

Ease, transparency and security are integral to our company’s ethos.


We have been operating in Dubai over the past 10 years securing lasting relationships across all business fields through finance on an international scale.

GoldGuard enables the purchase of gold at live spot prices and buy gold from our gold suppliers either in Dubai or in Singapore.

GoldGuard is licensed by Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ), which was established in 1996, and based in a high security compound located at Dubai Airport, where security is given utmost importance and considered top priority

GoldGuard is subject to frequent professional audits carried out by one of the Big-Four accounting firms and the Shariah Advisory Board. 

The Shariah Advisory Board undertakes the audit of Shariah-compliant service providers to ensure continued compliance over the life of the product. The audits are conducted by specialized professionals and Shariah scholars either on a periodic basis. 

The Board also partners with public accounting firms to provide audit of financial institutions under the guidelines issued by Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI). 

Our security system is designed to guard and protect physical assets and all bullion is fully insured by our storage providers in Dubai and Singapore.

All gold acquired is solely in the name of the client with full legal rights to ownership. Each bar has a recorded history and an absolute guarantee of its integrity and bullion content.



OneGram-Münzen werden über die GoldGuard-Plattform ausgegeben und gegen je 1 gram Gold eingelöst. Nach der ICO können die OGCs über jede größere Kryptowährung-Handelsplattform gekauft, verkauft und gehandelt werden.

Ein neues Zahlungsportal, YallaPay, wird für OneGram Coins eingeführt. Neben der Fiat-Konvertierung wird YallaPay Marketing-Tools wie ein White-Label-Treueprogramm für Händler mit Sonderangeboten und Ermäßigungen für Kunden beinhalten. 

Das Modell wird erstmals in Dubai und Abu Dhabi eingeführt, wobei die Lizenz für das Zahlungsinstitut bereits vorhanden ist.

Außerdem wird eine GoldGuard Mastercard Debitkarte (Liquid Gold) erstellt, die in Geldautomaten, Kassensystemen und online rund um den Globus funktionieren. 

Es ist möglich, die „Liquid Gold-Karte“ mit Fiat, OGC oder Gold über unser Payment-Gateway, online oder über GoldGuard-Geldautomaten aufzuladen.

OneGram bietet Kunden die besten Finanzdienste, die von Kryptowährungen angeboten werden, und macht die Transaktionen für die Benutzer einfach.


HUULK Token Exchange

New beast in the exchange field

Huulk exchange is set to revolutionize the crypto market using latest security standards and massive trading tools. Huulk is a very user-friendly, fast, and client-focused exchange based on many innovative features, which make it one of the best exchanges on the digital token market.

Why Huulk?

Huulk is a huge, intuitive, fast, and secure digital token exchange with focus on global accessibility and innovations.

Accessibility and Usability

It is a broadly available, user-friendly and intuitive exchange aiming to list most cryptocurrencies, however reflecting our strict trading policy rules.


Huulk is a very scalable, real-time processed exchange available to almost every cryptocurrency investor including various affiliate programs. Automated AI based market maker system provides liquidity 24/7.

Massive Trading

Fast and advanced matching engine with specialized interfaces for both experienced traders and newcomers. Trading platform supporting multiple fiat currencies and multiple digital tokens, with many trading pairs.

Security and Transparency

Huulk uses anti-DDoS protection from a leading industry provider. Transparent ordering books and the history of trades, which are publicly available for anyone and auditable at any time, make it a very transparent exchange on the market.


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